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Brain Based Institute for Secondary Faculty

Posted in Coaching, Facilitation, ODN of WNY Members, Programs by Michael Cardus on June 7, 2009

Recommended by Dr. Bill Cala and others in the secondary school renewal areas,

Rochester’s 1st MITA Brain Institute is set for August 17-21.

Rochester's 1st MITA Brain Institute

Rochester's 1st MITA Brain Institute

Practical applications of neuro discoveries, will support your own fine endeavors for secondary learning and assessment rejuvenation.

Secondary faculty who attend Rochester’s 1st MITA Brain Institute in August, will be among leaders who inspire change in your community.

Program Objectives include:
– Learning and Assessment Materials to jumpstart teen brainpower
– Smart skills to raise motivation & achievement across differences
– Teen Service opportunities within every lesson plan
– Entry points to link teens and entrepreneurs at work
– Leadership tactics for ongoing curriculum renewal
– Ongoing Support Plan generated for like-minded colleagues
– Knowledge celebration event to engage wider community

This brain based curriculum and assessment – popular in several other countries, creates ongoing renewal through faculty-created content with the brain in mind.
Several experts have affirmed the timing for secondary school ongoing renewal initiatives is right for this area at this time.

We envision participating faculty as genuine change agents in your schools we plan to support them for one year as they implement secondary curriculum and assessment tasks across diverse cultures, with the brain in mind.

No new texts are needed, and classroom ready brain based materials come with the institute.

Registration information – for faculty members who will benefit your secondary school, and we look forward to opportunity to work with you further and to learn more about your own renewal initiatives.

Please do not hesitate to contact MITA if we can answer any further questions.

Based on many valued learning theories, and new neuro discoveries, the entire institute will extend theoretic underpinnings into practical learning and assessment tasks ready for classroom use. While in the post are the basics for the MITA Brain Institute registration – I wanted to share below, a few practical takeaways that are central to this entire week:

Institute materials included in tuition for institute
No new course texts needed to use brain based tasks and assessments
Monthly support for ongoing faculty implementation
Brain based lessons ready for fall secondary classes
Intelligence-fair assessment tasks
Collaborated solutions to learning barriers with expert peers
Emphasis on hidden and unused faculty and student brainpower
Support for approaches custom created for your unique setting

We are excited to launch this rigorous roundtable institute on one hand, and yet looking forward to facilitating a comfortable fireside chat on the other. With the brain in mind – faculty will use brain based tools to create higher motivation and achievement opportunities for their fall classes.

It will be an honor to meet and support your secondary faculty’s rejuvenation plans at Rochester’s 1st Brain Institute!

While seats are limited, we look forward to your faculty representation as we launch in a few weeks.

Best wishes,

Ellen Weber

Ellen Weber (PhD)
Director – MITA International Brain Based Center

PO Box 347, Pittsford, NY 14534
MITA Brain Leaders and learners blog
MITA Brain Based Center Web Site

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  1. Robyn McMaster said, on June 8, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Michael, you have done an amazing job of sharing information about the upcoming MITA Brain Institute here in Rochester Aug. 17 – 21. Thanks so much.

    • mikecardus said, on June 8, 2009 at 11:51 pm


      I am happy to support and promote greatness in Western NY.
      I know that people will see the amazing talent and brain learning that Ellen and you facilitate.

  2. Ellen Weber said, on June 9, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Mike – what a wonderful gift you gave to our Brain Based Community! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with such care and generosity! It’s rarely easy to bring an international work closer to home, we are told. Yet we’ve had such wonderful support from people who have seen MITA in action here. That makes the long days of hard work and preparation such a privilege.

    We see these secondary registrants faculty as leading change in their own communities – as gifted people take the risks necessary for improved learning and leading! As soon as that community finds its brain based wings — we plan to launch Brain Institutes locally for our other two international arms – business leaders and university faculty.

    The ground level participants from these first launches will be leaders to move the work forward in ways that benefit their workplaces. Nuff said Mike – except that you’ve inspired us deeply with this post. What a shot of SEROTONIN to the MITA Center! Stay blessed!

  3. […] in higher motivation and achievement. Follow our August Brain Institute in Rochester NY,  and at MITA Brain Institute News. ——– Posts below shed light on secondary and university learning with the brain […]

  4. Priscilla A. Maysonet said, on February 28, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing this information about MITA Brain Institute. I am a teacher and I found this, and brang it to my mother who is an a teacher, too. The information help her to develope strategies to her school. We live in Vega Alta town, Puerto Rico, US, and she is working with the Rigor, Relation and Relevance framework Model for Department of Education of Puerto Rico in a Secondary School. She is applying the principles in her classroom took in a conference in New Orleans for Prof. Paul Nussbaum, Prof. of Neurological Surgery: The Human Brain and Leadership: A Guide to the Personal, Social, and Emotional Side of Leadership. Special in fundamentals of communication: brain function to interpersonal relations. Your information support her.

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